Wanna Buy A TV

TV For Sale
There were all these men and woman with perfect hair, you know, the kind that looks like it should be on a Barbie and Ken doll. I got scared, they kept telling me I should be very afraid of everything and then they tried to sell me some toothpaste, then they told me to be afraid again and then they tried to sell me some potato chips, I guess that was what the toothpaste was for.

It's a flat screen beauty that just oozes fear..please come and take it off my hands
Best offer, free actually.


Rebel 4E said...


I'm with you there Amigo....

You can keep the Tragic Lantern, it's of no use to me anymore.


Burnie Metzen said...

Hee I am addicted to the other screen, the window of the world....internet.
Hello my name is Burnie and I am an interholic.

Step 1. My life is unmanageable as I fritter away time on what I enjoy.

Thanks Rebel4E