His death was duly noted
angels sang with the birds
a cacaphony of sound so beautiful it stopped your heart
an irony
his heart broken so many times
then broken this final time
to sing with the angels
free of himself
his childhood stolen
and handed back by monsters
a black and twisted thing
as brave as any soldier facing death
he rose to walk beaten down he rose again
and then again until this day
he sang with the angels

I am Prince EBM von Draconberg. A Prince of the etheric kingdom of Draconberg home of dragon lore and ancient wisdom. This is my Air Force. I fly the lead Eagle Sophia casting bolts of light into the darkness and I am everywhere. I appear not to destroy anything but hold the darkness at bay with love and beauty There are others to pick up my lance should I fall for we shall prevail.

Prince von Draconberg


I say a lot that is unimportant. I am compelled to write. My heart has been broken many times, the pain of the world rests on my shoulders. I feel the trials our beautiful Earth has endured with our carelessness. It will not stand for this much longer. The only way I can communicate this is with beauty. My anger and hopelessness can only be assuaged by beauty so I create it or view it, feel it, or hear it. If you are lost these are things to make you whole..we would perish without them and strange to say they are a dagger in the black hearts of the monsters. sometimes they capture me but not for long, I am too strong for them to defeat. All the life lived has been a war yet I survive in the beauty I and others create. My children, my friends,. and as someone said (fz) beauty is not music, music is the best. To me it is all music.

Sophia"s Dream

Oy lassies, lads, ta 'ttractor's coomin. Drag 'it
doon ya lit'le doves
the bang n thunderous, lightsen glow wicked huge
b' coomin at ye's soon enou
pissed your bed ye's did w'it alls yer black n bood,'nd fuckin' stinken are ye's

drag it doon ye lit'le fuckwits, lights is coomin soon enough bang n alls
it blasted
coomin back in wanton light
you'l never sees for dearth in sight
yer fucken eyeslits be put to blast n ye's wakened in the starlit

then ye knows it wot ye's did
to make such weight in stinken bood
ye's tipped that shiite black stone
on goddess mother,
wots coomin back
ta bite yer soory blinded arses

burned the goose w'it alls yer black n bood
she spewed ye's oot,  ta universes ended,
righten stinken weights
wot's ye's dont ken is lightsen glow
but well ye's will soons enuo

cleansed yerself ye's did
opened eyeslits see'n ta' brighten shows
a balancin act tween alls 'at exists
'nd no more ta stinken shite
for awhiles we s'pose no mores
no whores o' ta black 'n ta bood. 'n ta stink

lit'le doves dreamin
'cross starfields risen
dusted gold limbed
by Goddess Sophia
dreamin o' ta first time
sweet be your sleep
wee bairn 

Mysterium The Plants Gift

Mysterium The Plants Gift

 This day I met you yet again. as we've met in primordial lasts
We've slept the night of Brahmin
and lived a thousand times his day. We are lovers

 Fierce warriors, we've gazed upon his countenance, the other,.
known fear and smiled at him yet

 I clove my sword into the gate
the demons glittering eyes beheld me
My death, my hearts remembrance of ts valor

 I had bugs crawling all over me, on the floor, on the walls, they shimmered with such beauty I laughed and asked what universe are you from....dumb question, I laughed again.

 The unnamed one has been faced by us this day in trembling awe. He has wreaked his horror. I am at a loss between two realities, that know each other not in this modern techno-materialistic world. The other one is hidden, maligned and viewed with disrespect, and no value. When, in fact it is priceless.

 I cannot convey its imagery, it lives inside a plant of universal conscientiousness. He does have lowly denizens of the solar system and base corruptor's of Gaia's harmonious song,, an obscenity's foul stink. 

On wings, did flies, whose Iridescent beauty belied  their love of death, scent this rot. They flew amidst the ravenous whose lust has brought them to themselves, their dead flesh a feast, as they devour each other. Their eyes, filled with the progeny of the blow fly no longer seeing the horror of their consequence,  what they became. What they become, organic engines of creation. 

Out of this ground, ill famed, when time is right, a mushroom grows, a flower in breathless color awaits the bee, to bestow rebirth of its harmony, a golden day.

In dark is light, opposites but the same, differing only in degree..making a circle, the most ancient and true symbol containing all mysteries, all sacred harmonies.and geometries. Those dead souls were blind to this story, this wisdom, this true gold, to be had for no coin.

The beautiful serpent smiled at me, with her mysterious smile of infinite gnosis, bade me look to what the demon, his minions and archontic agents had wrought.

 Chaos and dust, thunderous noise, metal on metal. explosions, blood, the detritus of our folly, the maelstrom contained every possibility at the same moment, all outcomes.
The other turned his horror, his face of jumping spiders, and walked away, power dimmed. He would always be there ..waiting for his cycle to begin again, to curse man with ignorance and fear.

 Shiva whirled in frenzy, in thrall and madness to that he wrought

  It blew, all of it, the energy was immense, but it had to be, this was sensual loving creation.

 Out of this blinding white many faceted light we flew glowing hot, sleek with sweat, our love a moment, brief, an eternity of thee. I stroked your hair with my lips and breathed your smell. our undying love birthed a universe, a sun, a newborn day and knew in sadness, and in joy, we would see each other around some day.

 Shiva, beatific, smiled at his creation, tears running down his cheeks, an eternal dance through darkest night where
Bhairava dwells, the embodiment of fear, and it is said that those who meet him must confront the source of their own fears.

 How true this is. 

 Shiva danced into the light. his terrible beauty bestowed before him, this new day.

 My allies, my teachers, my guides, the serpents, their beauty, wisdom,  a love eternal, waiting for travelers like me, a gift I never dreamed existed, yet was always there.

I must give thanks to Terence McKenna, A mentor and user of a favored word, just saying it feels good, concrescence, coming or growing together, A biological term i think of in spiritual terms and alchemical endeavors..a great word to roll off the tongue. Here's to you Terence. I'd wager a large sum of money on the thought that you are growing a wonderful garden of herbs and entheogenic plants. You are missed.

Jay Weidner for his wisdom
John Lash for his Gnostic erudition
Robert Phoenix  for his generosity
To the muse who speaks through each of us, permeates our creative souls, sometimes gifts us, sometimes fails us.. I am truly grateful. Another unfathomable mystery among the uncountable. It is amazing we can even get out of bed and tie our choelaces or spell shoelaces.
And the gift of the mushroom that holds a universe in its stem and cup which bestowed upon me an infinitesimally small part of its wisdom and harmony.
I write knowing I am truly ignorant..that I know nothing. In humility I walk but never alone.
Good night Kali, day breaks to your loving embrace
Thank You.

The Serpent

The Mushroom Experience and the Serpents

Wisdom, Healing, Initiation
The symbol of eternity
This a powerful totem -- it is
the symbol of transformation and healing.
The Snake is wisdom expressed through healing.It is a protector and guardian totem,
along with its sister totems, the Dragon and the Serpent.If a snake totem has come into your life, your creative forces are awakening.
Your intuition will sharpen and be more accurate.Snake energy is the energy of wholeness, cosmic consciousness, and
the ability to experience anything willingly and without resistance.
It is the knowledge that all things are equal in creation.It also signals a transition in your life.
New opportunities and/or changes.Snake is fire medicine, the medicine of transmutation.
On a material level, it is vitality; on an emotional level, it is ambition and dreams;
on a mental level, it is intellect and power; on a spiritual level (the highest level),
it is wisdom, understanding and wholeness.
I got the above someplace. They are not my words but they are what I experienced. I will gladly attribute this I just don't know or remember where it came from. If you see it and it is yours I will take it down if it offends you. I am not trying to plagiarize someone's work. It is hard enough to write well but then to have it stolen is adding insult to injury.

This is my reply;
 I know only that I'm alive, an artist, in love, sometimes in anger, nothing more, nothing less. I could not dream of such fortune.
Enter the world of magick and truth, release yourself from the bondage of your disbelief.  I speak of wisdom, love and kindness. I have been gifted with struggle and joy in this life, and journey to the other side wondered, in awe. I am clean now, pure in spirit. The way is light by your desire on this road of many brothers, many sisters

I give this gift to you. Take the darkness of your night and bring it to the light of day.
We are the precursors of the Sun...
After you lay down heavy shit like this you have to keep up appearances, If I'd known that when I started I would never have turned on the key for fucks sake. Have a laugh. Take the purse from your lips and the clench from your ass.

A Glorious Day

I keep putting this picture up because of Ze Cat Zeq he was loved and this gives me peace                                             

                                             Tinfoil Hat Man Says
I leave you with this:
Paddy was talking to Seamus the bartender owner of a fine Irish pub and they were talking about a friend of theirs who had passed. Paddy took a sip of his beer looked Seamus in the eye and said in his fine Irish lilt; "Seamus, If I knew where I was going to die I wouldn't be going near the place."

Seamus raised his glass and gave this toast;

"May the sun kiss your face at its rising dawn

The wind at your back and your sails about burst

your woman in bloom, your son at the wheel

Heave 'er up tight to the wind laddie

God its a glorious day."



mushrooms and Iboga are better than the popa
the wisdom of the plant
is more than what's extant
the techno transhumanistic terrifying reality
is the darkside of the dream
fake brains downloaded by monsters of evil scream
this is the path..riiight
our death knell is their chips
A million gigabytes they clip
our medulla oblangata
frontal lobe lopped
impregnated with cheap plastic
forgive that I object
buying beauty genes
doesn't hide
what lies beneath the veil
rfideed stamped usda prime choice fool
your digital lips
and flashing spider legs
whirling electric hips
iron heart android eyes turning to
endless beats
hat size rhythm and power chords
and yea I'm happy  lords
I don't be's like that

I don't know who to attribute for the Michelangelo improvisation..If some one objects contact me and I will remove it.


Re: Removing funds from banks and buying nothing
.What should happen is not a boycott of mom and pop stores, locally owned businesses, pragmatism rules and there are no rules. They are the places we should patronize. Taking your money out of the bank is not practical and can be done only if it makes sense in the personal. Dates 6 august thru 8 august. The goal? you might demonstrate our one and I mean no one is listening to us. If this succeeds we go from there. I am going to fast starting the next few days and I will not eat in solidarity with those across this planet who are starving. The dude cannot abide what he sees. I am nobody but I hope you are willing to stop buying anything between those dates. If you are..spread this to your friends. Personally I don't know what to do to change direction from the hell we are headed for so I do this


Netherlands World Press Photo Contest

In this photo provided on Friday Feb. 10, 2012 by World Press Photo, the 2012 World Press Photo of the year by Samuel Aranda, Spain, for The New York Times, shows a woman holding a wounded relative during protests against president Saleh in Sanaa, Yemen, Oct. 15, 2011. (AP Photo/Samuel Aranda/New York Times) AP

 The man reminds me of all of us, and the woman is our earth. Neither brave nor courageous we are human beings who become brave and courageous. I am a father of children nothing more. A hopeless dreamer of peace and beauty. We are wounded and it is time to be a warrior, not of death, but life. I can feel this desire so strongly it overwhelms me inside and out. It is the driving force of a life half wasted to drugs and alcohol that I barely escaped with my life.
I don't take myself too seriously..I would end up shooting myself ha ha, but I do take seriously people fucking with my serenity and my don't


The rods are broken
the rails are cracked
the train sped on
stacks glowed red to
whether live or die matters not
it is written..ironed stone
headed for the wreck the black train whipped and shot
steel flying off like flecks
of death
people hoarded the windows leering
ripping life from their faces
lips curved in sardonic joy
Kalki sped his horse howling at this life passing
iron greed, and fatuous men, 
woman carved by surgeons knives against creep of age
empty of all but desperate desire to remain forever reflected beauty
dancing in their mirrors lie
turned instead to twisted caricatures of that they sought
knowing nothing of value, fish lips stretched over bling bling teeth sharp as razors
they ripped each other in obscene feast of their own flesh
no inner light can save this crew their blackened cocks or rotted cunts
sacrificed long ago to dark lords death

The rods are broken
the rails are cracked the train is headed for the deep
this is Kali's night as darkness falls
those that make it if at all
did not attend this killers ball
the wielders of the sword
this battles long fought hordes
thousands the years they've battled
working in lights magick strong

we fall or stand by choice we make
to live or die in black pooled lake
in acquiescence the pathetic wallow in its depths
their horror eternal, never slaked

walk in blindness my little ducks
the hooded one cometh with razor scythe
your narcissistic fear his invitation
to be here
and no way out it's
death or worse
fight in light
or stinkin' pit
the the rods are broken
the rails are cracked
there aint no turning back

The end of an age
light is birthed


Blood red
stained the sky
reflecting off bones
from the battle long ago
Flesh flew in bits from bullets
The child's arm no longer attached but tenuously
like a butterfly on a string
The mothers cries silenced in mid scream
cut by the cluster bomb flying unseen
sophisticated butchery reached out from afar
the men played video games of psychopathic death
the ultimate snuff film
air conditioned and safe
while they butchered a part of the human race

blood red
stained the sky reflecting off bones
from the battle yesterday
blow flies and Jackals picked the bones clean
One eye hung like the arm long ago
blind not seeing her father in tears
while the pigs insatiable
fed at the trough

blood red stained the sky
reflecting off bones
of your friends
you see they come
for you in the end
your children are dead
their blood stained
sand red
you couldn't protect them
from the killing machine
put in motion by the unseen

It's my turn now
to die as I stand
and stain the sand

Don't believe a word of what is reported about the middle is all a lie an illusion an excuse to stain the sand red with our children's do know that what is done to one is done to all..right? Speak now.

Life & Death

We must enjoy our little toys. Distracting as they are. Three card monty their game of choice is fixed by your wandering gaze. Will, thought free lies in the lee of their blackened windward sea. Sails dripping salted blood.

The pirates life for me. I'll scuttle your ships and free your slaves.
Ending false light of hard pressed days. Laugh in your face, you who chain the human race. I grew up in your prisons of torture, took your worst lashes, yet still we stand. My sails are reefed tight to the wind searching for dark ships to sink 'neath the waves. Come about, mind the yardarms swing lads, look sharp. The fish bait fished by the fisherman is now the fisher, the man not the bait. enjoy your sojourn in the deep for eternity you sleep.

Grant me the serenity
to accept the things I cannot change;
courage to change the things I can;
and wisdom to know the difference.

We can sit here while we are knifed or draw our own in the force of words..the most powerful weapon we have. So speak now while you can our time is short, this world will be theirs not thine. A mystery in the sword contains word..not by accident I would suppose.

We speak, with love, to deaf ears, blind eyes. In hope speak nonetheless. You're my friends. Please allow me my quest on this solitary road. The card I drew is for me not you. Meant to teach a lowly man who lived in fear to fear not, to stand where he had lain.

Spoken by anyman not I

Awaken from your slumbers
hold your destiny
like a lover
a beautiful flower
Or suffer your fate

It draws near
no matter
embrace your fear
even we who tremble
are brave
and now
it is time

the universe loves courage
Terence told me. I believed him
rewards it,
lightness of being contains
darkness not seen
all held in one
are you willing to look

music is the engine
of her creation
sounds of incredible harmony
wrap you and
all that is
in her embrace
so fierce is she, so loving

two hands raised
palms up in awe
be brave trembling souls
our destiny unfolds

for better or worse I read your words in between the lines and there I find a soul who is loving, caring, kind.
ha ha we don't need no stinking permission to live as human beings.

A dream

Immobilization was begun                             
Frozen in the air
by the ice queen
In this dream he has
It started early
two or three
thunder rolled him from his bed
they strapped him in                              
he couldn't fall
added that to terror all
thunder was thunder
thunder was voiced
in drunken slander
he feared the most
so what of this boy to man
so what of this theft
of childhood ends
so what of this boy to man
who carries this boy
and heals his wounds
the ice queen carries on
the other long is gone                                             
this boy to man still carries
the boy so deeply wounded
protecting him
his shield inviolate

The bottom photograph is a water color by Jonah, my son. Manipulated and magicked digitally. Little fingers of ones and zeroes on the hand not on the hand. what would what would(digital stick) analogically manipulated fingers do? wave like a jelly fish tendril in the vicissitudes of oceans magically transforming in circular fashion as opposed to the grossness of the digital finger?  Yes I don't or Leonardo Da Vinci not De Caprio..


I am depraved, I like wicked smart, wicked woman. Yea, I see what she is holding but it's not mine heh.

     The Snake Sophia... My Ride
     To the other place

Heavy Metal Shina 


Your Friendly Neighborhood Market Or Do You Really Want That Fish

This is old news that keeps giving. But we lately received notice of other disasters to the human spirit. It seems we are destroying ourselves at an exponentially rapid pace. I am working feverishly on my own model 1111seer Super detects those with no conscience and installs a valve that injects empathy. Right now I am having a problem with shock to the system as they are not apparently ready for such gifts. It is kind of like throwing water on the wicked witch.....we continue our research in the face of overwhelming, odds ever more positive to the inverse negative, leading hopefully to a universe.

Dear Sir,
What is the use eh? I ordered this months ago.Your Ajax Super Sucker Model 1111 has not been received as yet, and we are in dire straits. We need that big boom oil sucker to place on various and sundry corporate heads to suck up all the hazardous pond scum. The situation is getting out of hand and quite frankly I am perturbed. They keep insisting that they are human beings, and are becoming increasingly delusional. Please, I beg you sir, have you no humanity.
Languishing In Tears
Chronic B Malcontent
No Way Out Inc
Your one stop problem solver.



I Fell

Saturn Devouring one of his Children.                                      
She says it so nicely