Blood red
stained the sky
reflecting off bones
from the battle long ago
Flesh flew in bits from bullets
The child's arm no longer attached but tenuously
like a butterfly on a string
The mothers cries silenced in mid scream
cut by the cluster bomb flying unseen
sophisticated butchery reached out from afar
the men played video games of psychopathic death
the ultimate snuff film
air conditioned and safe
while they butchered a part of the human race

blood red
stained the sky reflecting off bones
from the battle yesterday
blow flies and Jackals picked the bones clean
One eye hung like the arm long ago
blind not seeing her father in tears
while the pigs insatiable
fed at the trough

blood red stained the sky
reflecting off bones
of your friends
you see they come
for you in the end
your children are dead
their blood stained
sand red
you couldn't protect them
from the killing machine
put in motion by the unseen

It's my turn now
to die as I stand
and stain the sand

Don't believe a word of what is reported about the middle is all a lie an illusion an excuse to stain the sand red with our children's do know that what is done to one is done to all..right? Speak now.


Burnie said...

I hope this reaches someones heart and gives courage to say no more. We cannot do it alone, it must be all of us. To be the best that a human being can be. I write and my tears blind me.

Burnie said...

I walk as two
me and my spirit
my guide who guides me and you
Oh, you say, "I cannot see it"
aah,it's always there to hold you fast
through darkest night or bright shown day.
come my children lend your hand
to light this darkness of the land
are we not the creators?*

This has no religious affiliation of contrived dogma. It is all, and all of you.