Life & Death

We must enjoy our little toys. Distracting as they are. Three card monty their game of choice is fixed by your wandering gaze. Will, thought free lies in the lee of their blackened windward sea. Sails dripping salted blood.

The pirates life for me. I'll scuttle your ships and free your slaves.
Ending false light of hard pressed days. Laugh in your face, you who chain the human race. I grew up in your prisons of torture, took your worst lashes, yet still we stand. My sails are reefed tight to the wind searching for dark ships to sink 'neath the waves. Come about, mind the yardarms swing lads, look sharp. The fish bait fished by the fisherman is now the fisher, the man not the bait. enjoy your sojourn in the deep for eternity you sleep.

Grant me the serenity
to accept the things I cannot change;
courage to change the things I can;
and wisdom to know the difference.

We can sit here while we are knifed or draw our own in the force of words..the most powerful weapon we have. So speak now while you can our time is short, this world will be theirs not thine. A mystery in the sword contains word..not by accident I would suppose.

We speak, with love, to deaf ears, blind eyes. In hope speak nonetheless. You're my friends. Please allow me my quest on this solitary road. The card I drew is for me not you. Meant to teach a lowly man who lived in fear to fear not, to stand where he had lain.

Spoken by anyman not I

Awaken from your slumbers
hold your destiny
like a lover
a beautiful flower
Or suffer your fate

It draws near
no matter
embrace your fear
even we who tremble
are brave
and now
it is time

the universe loves courage
Terence told me. I believed him
rewards it,
lightness of being contains
darkness not seen
all held in one
are you willing to look

music is the engine
of her creation
sounds of incredible harmony
wrap you and
all that is
in her embrace
so fierce is she, so loving

two hands raised
palms up in awe
be brave trembling souls
our destiny unfolds

for better or worse I read your words in between the lines and there I find a soul who is loving, caring, kind.
ha ha we don't need no stinking permission to live as human beings.

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