A dream

Immobilization was begun                             
Frozen in the air
by the ice queen
In this dream he has
It started early
two or three
thunder rolled him from his bed
they strapped him in                              
he couldn't fall
added that to terror all
thunder was thunder
thunder was voiced
in drunken slander
he feared the most
so what of this boy to man
so what of this theft
of childhood ends
so what of this boy to man
who carries this boy
and heals his wounds
the ice queen carries on
the other long is gone                                             
this boy to man still carries
the boy so deeply wounded
protecting him
his shield inviolate

The bottom photograph is a water color by Jonah, my son. Manipulated and magicked digitally. Little fingers of ones and zeroes on the hand not on the hand. what would what would(digital stick) analogically manipulated fingers do? wave like a jelly fish tendril in the vicissitudes of oceans magically transforming in circular fashion as opposed to the grossness of the digital finger?  Yes I don't or Leonardo Da Vinci not De Caprio..

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Burnie said...

The battle never waivers
I wont of nothing
Grace be given
No longer will I demean the self
that feeds the beast
the fatted fetid fool
No longer, no more.
they are cowards you know
hiding behind their bow
We walk in grace
Our weapon is our words
Our art
raise your weapon
I will not mine
And fire true
I lose my life in honor
you lose your soul