I Fell

Saturn Devouring one of his Children.                                      
She says it so nicely


Burnie said...
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Anonymous said...

hurting pain
falling rain
turning change
swirling aim
maidens flame
taming heart
lifting things
bees and stars
filling whole
full and free
pull and push
like the sea


that imediately came into my head,so just wrote it,I feel you burnie,I know how it feels,,your a sensitive bloke also a good bloke otherwise you wouldnt be doing what your doing....

I find the more time spent on the creativity is where the healing takes place sort of redrawing the focus,but you know that anyway and sometimes we fall off,but then we learn to get back on again..

anyway respects ...neil

Burnie said...

Thanks neil.. you lift me up. I took your advice and created, played guitar and fed my soul. Your poem is perfect.

dublinmick said...

Better days are coming, I promise!