Ongoing Experiment


Burnie said...

Creating my own world. This is my neighborhood as viewed through the rose colored glasses I put on every morning.

Anonymous said...

rose colored blooming
dreams crescent green
weaving positional
moments in stream
abstactions of freely
focus profound
pounding the lift
all circling round
on sound adaptations
of synchronised spring
glistening rivers
of sunshine within
beginning no end
up up away
to the place of all magic
where rainbows play


Anonymous said...

hows it go burnie,sorry I have'nt been around,nice pictures....neil

dublinmick said...

As you stated Burnie the world has changed and this lady got it right. Very interesting.

Cathartes Aura and her prediction.

on 3.11.11, those numbers have much “esoteric” juice, already I’ve seen things conspiring to happen on that day, revolutions as only uranus can herald – by April, fully5 planets in Aries, plus the sun(3.20.11) and moon, for a spell. . . it really won’t be the same, soon.

The sky disintegrates and turns to dust,

The great earth becomes peaceful, no one can see it.

Abruptly, the dry tree opens it’s one flower.

Calling to another spring, beyond history.

Thanks again to anadianant and his amazing readership

Burnie said...

It's going well neil..thanks for the poetry. Is everything okay for you?
Your kindness is welcomed and appreciated.

Burnie said...

I never cease being amazed by all things. I love all your links and your energy. Celtic green, good wit, good jokes, good songs. I will check out the lady you mention. So many ways to die, how generous..grin.