freeacre said...

Your blog site is just stunning, Burnie. The pictures are just beautiful. What are those sticks? Those are incredible.

Hope you are well and happy. You are a fine artist.

Burnie said...

I thought you guys gave up on me ha ha. I am fine. Your kind words mean more than you know, thank you so much.
Those are walking sticks.

How are you, is Murph's leg okay. Will stop to say hi whenever I drive that way.

Burnie said...

You haven't been here but the words I wrote apply to your comment on Nina's site about Somalia.

I don't really know how or when the scales will balance and we held in perfect equilibrium but it will happen. I am not talking about vengeance but love, peace and harmony.

I put this here for you. I didn't want to promote myself on Nina's site.

Your words are mirrored by my mine
Your kind thoughts are mine also.