A Glorious Day

I keep putting this picture up because of Ze Cat Zeq he was loved and this gives me peace                                             

                                             Tinfoil Hat Man Says
I leave you with this:
Paddy was talking to Seamus the bartender owner of a fine Irish pub and they were talking about a friend of theirs who had passed. Paddy took a sip of his beer looked Seamus in the eye and said in his fine Irish lilt; "Seamus, If I knew where I was going to die I wouldn't be going near the place."

Seamus raised his glass and gave this toast;

"May the sun kiss your face at its rising dawn

The wind at your back and your sails about burst

your woman in bloom, your son at the wheel

Heave 'er up tight to the wind laddie

God its a glorious day."

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