Re: Removing funds from banks and buying nothing
.What should happen is not a boycott of mom and pop stores, locally owned businesses, pragmatism rules and there are no rules. They are the places we should patronize. Taking your money out of the bank is not practical and can be done only if it makes sense in the personal. Dates 6 august thru 8 august. The goal? you might demonstrate our one and I mean no one is listening to us. If this succeeds we go from there. I am going to fast starting the next few days and I will not eat in solidarity with those across this planet who are starving. The dude cannot abide what he sees. I am nobody but I hope you are willing to stop buying anything between those dates. If you are..spread this to your friends. Personally I don't know what to do to change direction from the hell we are headed for so I do this

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