Your Friendly Neighborhood Market Or Do You Really Want That Fish

This is old news that keeps giving. But we lately received notice of other disasters to the human spirit. It seems we are destroying ourselves at an exponentially rapid pace. I am working feverishly on my own model 1111seer Super detects those with no conscience and installs a valve that injects empathy. Right now I am having a problem with shock to the system as they are not apparently ready for such gifts. It is kind of like throwing water on the wicked witch.....we continue our research in the face of overwhelming, odds ever more positive to the inverse negative, leading hopefully to a universe.

Dear Sir,
What is the use eh? I ordered this months ago.Your Ajax Super Sucker Model 1111 has not been received as yet, and we are in dire straits. We need that big boom oil sucker to place on various and sundry corporate heads to suck up all the hazardous pond scum. The situation is getting out of hand and quite frankly I am perturbed. They keep insisting that they are human beings, and are becoming increasingly delusional. Please, I beg you sir, have you no humanity.
Languishing In Tears
Chronic B Malcontent
No Way Out Inc
Your one stop problem solver.

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freeacre said...

This is hilarious!