His death was duly noted
angels sang with the birds
a cacaphony of sound so beautiful it stopped your heart
an irony
his heart broken so many times
then broken this final time
to sing with the angels
free of himself
his childhood stolen
and handed back by monsters
a black and twisted thing
as brave as any soldier facing death
he rose to walk beaten down he rose again
and then again until this day
he sang with the angels

I am Prince EBM von Draconberg. A Prince of the etheric kingdom of Draconberg home of dragon lore and ancient wisdom. This is my Air Force. I fly the lead Eagle Sophia casting bolts of light into the darkness and I am everywhere. I appear not to destroy anything but hold the darkness at bay with love and beauty There are others to pick up my lance should I fall for we shall prevail.

Prince von Draconberg

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