I say a lot that is unimportant. I am compelled to write. My heart has been broken many times, the pain of the world rests on my shoulders. I feel the trials our beautiful Earth has endured with our carelessness. It will not stand for this much longer. The only way I can communicate this is with beauty. My anger and hopelessness can only be assuaged by beauty so I create it or view it, feel it, or hear it. If you are lost these are things to make you whole..we would perish without them and strange to say they are a dagger in the black hearts of the monsters. sometimes they capture me but not for long, I am too strong for them to defeat. All the life lived has been a war yet I survive in the beauty I and others create. My children, my friends,. and as someone said (fz) beauty is not music, music is the best. To me it is all music.

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