Sophia"s Dream

Oy lassies, lads, ta 'ttractor's coomin. Drag 'it
doon ya lit'le doves
the bang n thunderous, lightsen glow wicked huge
b' coomin at ye's soon enou
pissed your bed ye's did w'it alls yer black n bood,'nd fuckin' stinken are ye's

drag it doon ye lit'le fuckwits, lights is coomin soon enough bang n alls
it blasted
coomin back in wanton light
you'l never sees for dearth in sight
yer fucken eyeslits be put to blast n ye's wakened in the starlit

then ye knows it wot ye's did
to make such weight in stinken bood
ye's tipped that shiite black stone
on goddess mother,
wots coomin back
ta bite yer soory blinded arses

burned the goose w'it alls yer black n bood
she spewed ye's oot,  ta universes ended,
righten stinken weights
wot's ye's dont ken is lightsen glow
but well ye's will soons enuo

cleansed yerself ye's did
opened eyeslits see'n ta' brighten shows
a balancin act tween alls 'at exists
'nd no more ta stinken shite
for awhiles we s'pose no mores
no whores o' ta black 'n ta bood. 'n ta stink

lit'le doves dreamin
'cross starfields risen
dusted gold limbed
by Goddess Sophia
dreamin o' ta first time
sweet be your sleep
wee bairn 


Burnie said...

Well no one will say it so I will. It is going to be one hellacious song :)))))) Thanks Burnie, why you are most welcome Bdog.

Burnie said...

We will not fall in this dark night..they've tried this shiite before. This light cannot be sealed nor blocked by contrivance. The light of our spirit, our consciousness will always show the way here or elsewhere, wherever we are found. And it is rather large...this universe. One can only assume that we are everywhere, at least I do. I have been to other places both beautiful and terrifying.

The universe loves courage as Mark Twin said ""Courage is resistance to fear, mastery of fear, not absence of fear."

Or this "It is curious that physical courage should be so common in the world and moral courage so rare."