Mysterium The Plants Gift

Mysterium The Plants Gift

 This day I met you yet again. as we've met in primordial lasts
We've slept the night of Brahmin
and lived a thousand times his day. We are lovers

 Fierce warriors, we've gazed upon his countenance, the other,.
known fear and smiled at him yet

 I clove my sword into the gate
the demons glittering eyes beheld me
My death, my hearts remembrance of ts valor

 I had bugs crawling all over me, on the floor, on the walls, they shimmered with such beauty I laughed and asked what universe are you from....dumb question, I laughed again.

 The unnamed one has been faced by us this day in trembling awe. He has wreaked his horror. I am at a loss between two realities, that know each other not in this modern techno-materialistic world. The other one is hidden, maligned and viewed with disrespect, and no value. When, in fact it is priceless.

 I cannot convey its imagery, it lives inside a plant of universal conscientiousness. He does have lowly denizens of the solar system and base corruptor's of Gaia's harmonious song,, an obscenity's foul stink. 

On wings, did flies, whose Iridescent beauty belied  their love of death, scent this rot. They flew amidst the ravenous whose lust has brought them to themselves, their dead flesh a feast, as they devour each other. Their eyes, filled with the progeny of the blow fly no longer seeing the horror of their consequence,  what they became. What they become, organic engines of creation. 

Out of this ground, ill famed, when time is right, a mushroom grows, a flower in breathless color awaits the bee, to bestow rebirth of its harmony, a golden day.

In dark is light, opposites but the same, differing only in degree..making a circle, the most ancient and true symbol containing all mysteries, all sacred harmonies.and geometries. Those dead souls were blind to this story, this wisdom, this true gold, to be had for no coin.

The beautiful serpent smiled at me, with her mysterious smile of infinite gnosis, bade me look to what the demon, his minions and archontic agents had wrought.

 Chaos and dust, thunderous noise, metal on metal. explosions, blood, the detritus of our folly, the maelstrom contained every possibility at the same moment, all outcomes.
The other turned his horror, his face of jumping spiders, and walked away, power dimmed. He would always be there ..waiting for his cycle to begin again, to curse man with ignorance and fear.

 Shiva whirled in frenzy, in thrall and madness to that he wrought

  It blew, all of it, the energy was immense, but it had to be, this was sensual loving creation.

 Out of this blinding white many faceted light we flew glowing hot, sleek with sweat, our love a moment, brief, an eternity of thee. I stroked your hair with my lips and breathed your smell. our undying love birthed a universe, a sun, a newborn day and knew in sadness, and in joy, we would see each other around some day.

 Shiva, beatific, smiled at his creation, tears running down his cheeks, an eternal dance through darkest night where
Bhairava dwells, the embodiment of fear, and it is said that those who meet him must confront the source of their own fears.

 How true this is. 

 Shiva danced into the light. his terrible beauty bestowed before him, this new day.

 My allies, my teachers, my guides, the serpents, their beauty, wisdom,  a love eternal, waiting for travelers like me, a gift I never dreamed existed, yet was always there.

I must give thanks to Terence McKenna, A mentor and user of a favored word, just saying it feels good, concrescence, coming or growing together, A biological term i think of in spiritual terms and alchemical endeavors..a great word to roll off the tongue. Here's to you Terence. I'd wager a large sum of money on the thought that you are growing a wonderful garden of herbs and entheogenic plants. You are missed.

Jay Weidner for his wisdom
John Lash for his Gnostic erudition
Robert Phoenix  for his generosity
To the muse who speaks through each of us, permeates our creative souls, sometimes gifts us, sometimes fails us.. I am truly grateful. Another unfathomable mystery among the uncountable. It is amazing we can even get out of bed and tie our choelaces or spell shoelaces.
And the gift of the mushroom that holds a universe in its stem and cup which bestowed upon me an infinitesimally small part of its wisdom and harmony.
I write knowing I am truly ignorant..that I know nothing. In humility I walk but never alone.
Good night Kali, day breaks to your loving embrace
Thank You.

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