As Above So Below

How to start, I could not sleep last night. I watched an amazing video, it brought me to this, that I am about to write. What a procrastinator, I have done everything I can think of to avoid this process, visited other blogs watched the link for the title of this, for lack of a better word, post. It is really an awakening, I was told to write this, me? One who once believed and then became bitter in disbelief, I would call bullshit, truth is, I really was told to do this.  Drop your filters, and read this with child like wonder, suspend the inner censor.

  First, this is not about me, it is about us in our time of  being awake, finally seeing things as they were, are, and could be. This is so important that I don't really feel adequate, its opposite would  be the truer state. In this, the I is not here, it is without ego that these things are written. Another thing that is so very important, this is not about religion. Religion is proselytized dogma that hides our true nature as god's creation and our connection to him throughout time and space with no condition or contract. It has taken the truth and twisted it so it cannot be seen as truth.

Nothing I am writing is in any way an original thought, I am not smart enough to produce one. We are all parts of a greater whole, we swim in the truth,  consciousness,  so these ideas are shared by all, always there eternally..

The truth of what I say is right before you, and some will not see it, my hope would be that you at least consider it. We live in a very perilous time, and that is as good a place to start as any. We have had war after war, brutality beyond imagination going on for centuries. Starvation, genocide. Our societies are dysfunctional, you cannot have a just society with all the resources controlled at the top of the pyramid. Governments totally corrupt, in thrall to their corporate masters. People all over the world working for starvation wages without hope of anything but a life of toil. In my country the rule of law, and the delicate balance of power of  its disparate bodies, or the illusion of it, no longer exists. Our money has been stolen, by those who need more of everything they already have. Inflation? need more money? hey, no problema we have the plates and the printing press, let's print some more. At the same time there are no jobs, or ones whose pay amounts to working poverty. So you might say we have an economic pandemic, a direct result of the actions of those who really control the money, their desire should be obvious. They have been certifiably psychopathic with their economic Three Card Monty, and algorithmic mumbo jumbo. What amazes me is that a lot of this stuff is done in the open light of day and they skate. Think on that alone, it speaks volumes to true intent.

This is a real downer to read I am sure but stay with me, all this is necessary, it is like the set design of a play which sets the atmosphere and is integral to evoking a emotional response with the characters adding life to that emotion.

There is a underlying, but not so subtle clamping down of dissent. Police dressed like modern day gladiators, confronting people with weapons far beyond a any reasonable need, like actors who over act, their response is over the top, like a man dressed in lime green trousers, white bucks, orange herring bone sport coat, maroon tie, and a blue hat with a stingy brim. Only in their case, there is no humor, no spirit, no soul, They are representatives of evil couched in doublespeak, like crowd control, measured response, national security, safety, taser that old lady she's a threat, 90 pounds of mean machine, and yea, on and on to euphemisms like my favorite, collateral damage. What kind of society do we live in that permits such outrage, this just one of thousands. We have weapons you don't even realize exist, check out scalar technology. Biological, nuclear, armament beyond calculation by ordinary men. Psychological weapons, bad drugs foisted on us by a revolving door of former pharma industry execs acting as heads of the FDA, when one term is done another takes his place, H/T to Pete Peterson. The deliberate dumbing down of the population, so their ability to think and reason gets impaired. The relentless rhetoric that is used to instill fear, when people are afraid, they give away their power,  thus diminished.  We live under the threat of nuclear war with a country deeply misunderstood in the west, the real facts obscured, and mostly absent in what passes for Media, journalistic integrity being for the most part terminal, was there ever such a thing, or is it just another illusion, I'm leaning towards illusion. It all fits a pattern, a matrix that sucks you in and destroys your self-hood, your isness to mint a word. Destroys or corrupts your soul, your connection to others, as you begin to buy the lie and  choose living death, without knowing what the buy in costs are at any particular game of chance that you will always lose.

Thought is very powerful, it has great gravitas. When a thought is manifested it is eternal. We create our reality with our minds, and our thoughts define that reality. Say that you were in contact with a group of people who were adepts, magicians, psychics, astrologers, fortune tellers. It would go without saying that some of this group would be charlatans and prevaricators. It would also go without saying that there would be those who genuinely believed in what they were doing. Dispense with the bullshit artists and look at those who believe. The mere act of that belief makes it so in their consciousness, when someone consults them they become symbiotic partners in that interaction, creating their own reality. Just as valid as the one  which you perceive, that could be your own manifestation. There is in me an overarching belief that everything is happening at once, everything that could, will, or ever be is now. This is truth. And maybe, from our perspective, more important, the knowledge that everything is connected, in ways beyond the physical laws that validate it. We are connected to the infinite and the eternal source of our creation eternally. We have chosen to be here at this time, all of us, and we have a purpose. That eternal question, what are we and to what purpose. guess what?
There is one, and it involves us all, but first I have to take a detour of sorts.

 This time we find ourselves has a very real chance of ending very badly. There is a darkside, as above so below. The macro and the micro have a connection, the word order is meaningless.

What I am trying very hard not to say is we are about to destroy ourselves if we continue down this road chosen by men without souls, monsters in suits and their oh so sore assed minions. They will destroy our earth utterly.
It is very possible one will be left. This is a harsh realization but if you open your eyes it is self evident. We have people with no soul, no conscience, no moral compass, and the overriding belief in their right to decide what is good and what is bad. They have their hands on the most sophisticated weapons extant today. If you think they won't use them, think again. Do you realize that we did not have to drop the atomic bombs on Japan, they were sending out cables in some fashion seeking resolution, peace feelers. The decision was made, I am sure, with various agendas, one being a message to Russia for the obvious historical reasons, another as sinister, would have been that they wanted to see the effect on real targets, another might have been revenge. Probably a percentage were horrified by all this, but the forces of darkness prevailed as they have for lifetimes. So, yes these monsters are perfectly capable of anything. The dogs are awake.

I really do know that all this is hard to swallow, our belief systems are clogged with the detritus of a thousand mile river of half  truth, lies and bad juju. But it is the truth and there is a way to take a different road. That is our purpose. If we are to survive we must come to the realization that all is one literally. That we cannot kill anyone ever, deny care to any, feed those who are hungry, deny someones humanity for the color of their skin. It isn't about me, I am us. We must evolve our conscious state. What is done to one is done to all. Stand, and say,  no more, and stop your contribution to the madness, seek the light. Not to preach, this I say to myself as well, I am nothing.

We must hold in our hearts the knowledge of our connection with our creator, however you view that, and everything else in this dimension and the ones beyond. Doing this massively will manifest a different reality, one in which the dark  road above is no longer on the map, but for the ones who always seek it.. I don't know how to do this except to start here. Some are already on the road riding away from darkness. A lot of my friends are aware and awake. It is possible to start with a very small nucleus and change the macro and I believe we will.
We are extremely powerful and our connection with the Creator, again, read that word in whatever fashion you choose, it is still the one without and within, only enhances that power. We must realize this purpose in our personal and public lives. Don't keep this or it will be taken away.

 Adios, remember you don't  need anyone's approval to do this, no stinking badges, nothing to buy, nothing to sell. Those who get only a little taste will gain some level of awareness, then that awareness just starts an unstoppable reaction of ever increasing realization of truth, An automatic attractor, its power can't be quantified.

Rough draft.


Marin said...

Like clicking accept to all the terms in small print and not knowing what you are agreeong to.

pat murphy said...


I see from your catalog of posts that you don't write a lot. LOL At our blog, we try for 4 posts a month and don't always make it, mostly since we been doing it for over 3 years now. Run out of stuff to say without getting excessively redundant.

Generally, I agree with this post, a few specific points I would either take issue with or want amplification. But, that is what makes blogging interesting. You might want to substitute sociopath for psychopath. I think it is a bit more accurate, although psychopath fits many of those in power. But that is just my observations.

Curious, how did you come on our web site?

Rebel 4E said...

Bravo, well said.

It's not complicated at all really.
All we have to do is love more, judge less and treat others as we would have others treat us.

And if we do get the chance to start again on this Earth, we must root out those wolves in sheeps clothing, the psychopaths that live,breath and plot amongst us.