Have you ever contemplated the fact that the internet/ computer doesn't contain distance in its nomenclature. Downright metaphysical. yea? Time in one sense yes, in another, not so much, even more mysterious n'est ce pas. Is thought subliminal or superluminal. I say it is instant, all things are happening at once, and our reality is our reality viewed through our eyes. If my thought is correct then we should be able to change it. The crux of the matter is then, does one have the discipline it takes to do this. More later, I have to think about how to go about this. I'll just say this, I got hit on the head with an insight by the observation of others, I am one negative motherfucker. Guess what? that can be turned into something else, that is one thing. I am talking about an even greater ability but I am not sure how to articulate it. So out for a walk I go, a little obeisance to the green goddesss and my mind goes on a trip through possibilities and multiverses, life is grand when the smoke filled  mind is clicking....My discipline is not Calvinistic, he says, laughing, I allow all things to enter here, all possibilities are granted as fact in the infinite.

The best laid schemes o' mice an' men. Gang aft agley.....aint it the truth.

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su said...

god i love the green godess and her potential in revealing the infinite possibilities.