Thoughts Inspired by others

We are not alone and separate in our thoughts, walking with death on our shoulders. He smiles and you smile back. But, you say; he is terror, trying to flee. No, he is a brother, bring him to me.

Minds bent on survival, we're running from the beasts, hell on earth, not in fear but disgust. Art, beauty, rapture, the sweet oblivion our true calling.  Improvisation is how to play it. Fluid. Pick the tempo, leave the key for others.

Feeling deeply the dark unnameable  perversion in a world of no sense to any but the truly sociopathic, change is the only constant. I just don't like agendas that have me or you classified as cannon fodder as the plan of the day. Some hang on to the status quo 'til their fingernails rip,no matter the reality. Bad idea and painful.

Looking through a different lens gets a different perspective in the artful curve of the sacred, like a bird swooping in for a landing. There before us is the road. How does one walk this road that has no signpost. One step at a time, she said, you are not really blind just unlit. These things turn many away, but even in their turning they walk the road. We all walk, with mindfulness or without, it makes no difference.

Opening the shell
The knife of our mind
Gives birth to
The infinite


Anonymous said...

thats some mighty fine rocks their,all worth a good thinking session I would say burnie,dublins did a thing on kahlil gibran whoaa fine fine stuff,I need to read a few more of his poems.
be back later with a poem for yourself burnie the honorable..neil

Burnie said...

A poem is always welcome from you neil. It is appreciated when you come from the heart.

nina said...

Astounding images, work to wander around inside and outside. You should be a painter. You have a painter's soul.

Burnie said...

Thank you Nina, I really appreciate your words, that's very kind of you.

I can't draw a lick..laughing. But boy you can.

Anonymous said...

thinking rock
and learning tree
sitting learning
one are we
wandering symbols
inside climb
connecting heart
and mind align
signs of ever
one in all
living truths
in loving school
ancient of the way
of free
on thinking rock
by learning tree

Burnie said...

You covered rocks and trees with words of light. They speak after all.
My feeling is one of gratefulness that you do this.
Thank You neil

Anonymous said...

thankyou burnie its the same for yourself,what you wrote and those pictures is a poem,I can feel it.I think everybody can that has a read and takes a look..

so thankyou burnie...neil

su said...

rocks and trees
are where the sacred
comes to view the dream
close up.....

and death holds the
greatest promise......
when will i meet her,
i hold my breath in delight
and anticipation.....

Anonymous said...

Alright Burnie where have you been? Is everything alright?

I have run into a few you might could use.´-initiative-in-tallahassee-florida/

Burnie said...

Thank you for the poetic thought. It's funny that you write what I think sometimes. Everything has chi, everything has spirit everything is sacred. I was standing under a Black Locust tree yesterday looking up, it's such a great thing to do, it always fills me with what I can't put in words. I carry death on my shoulder, it's acceptance gives me life,I have come as close to it as you can be and still survive. There was fear that went away to be replaced by the willingness to go without regret. You gave me a gift and I thank you. We are separated by geography but not spirit. Sometimes, like lately, I have felt separated from the source of all things I cannot name and your poem reminds me of the connection.
Thanks Su

I haven't gone anywhere just wounded a bit by what I see, and I withdrew. Needed to replace that stuff with the other side of despair. I always enjoy your stuff and if I drank would hoist a glass with you..would O'Douls be acceptable..grin. I will check those links. I am hooked on grandfather. Have been reading The Tracker on and off. Would love to have had the opportunity to meet him.

I apologize for not replying sooner, no excuse just be's that way with me sometimes. I meant no disrespect. I am glad you two are in my life.