Dr. Dark

Light speed to dark

What could have been now nevermore

She would say sorry for dark moods, lying to herself instead of you.
Twisted like a root
Impossible the straightening
This flowing stream
She looked for 'flected rose
Water paled feet appeared
In rich mud
Sick and white
Planted in moonlight glow
Held in darkness
The ebb of death forever flows
with life illumined 


nina said...


su said...

the image under the words "what could be never more" - is absolutely breathtaking.
saved it as my desktop.

i read this somewhere but can't recall where, and it is being relayed now and i have no idea why.

'keeping your attention firmly outside will all but insure that it won't be seen that there truly is no outside.

placing your attention firmly within will at least give a shot at realising that there truly is not such thing as inside".

Burnie said...

You made me smile, I am still pondering the quote. Everything is one thing. I was born dark and deep.
Bur sometimes when I sleep a little light inside me creeps.

Thank you for the compliment.

su said...

Darkness and depth make the light easier to see.

Burnie said...

First of all Nina thank you..I have been on the DL for awhile.

And Su you are one who would call me the grasshopper who has lots to learn.

su said...

outside the rain falls
long awaited
have curled up here on your pages
savouring all the treats set before me. music, imagery, motion,

warmth and respect