Painting by Tara Doherty-My fun with Camera
Oy lassies, lads, ta 'ttractor is coomin. Drag 'it
doon ya lit'le doves

the bang n thunderous, lightsen glow  wicked huge
b' coomin at yers soon enou

cooked the goose ye did w'it alls yer black n bood,
'nd fuckin' stinken are ye's

drag it doon ye lit'le fuckwits, lights is coomin soon enough bang n alls
it blasted
coomin back in wanton light
you'l never sees for dearth in sight

yer fucken eyeslits be put to blast n ye's wakened in the starlit
then ye ken 'nd knows it wot ye's did
to make such weight in stinken black

ye's tipped that shiten weight on  goddess mother, fierce
wots coomin back
ta bite yer soory blinded asses

cooked the goose w'it alls yer black n bood

spewed ye oot,  ta universes ended, righten stinken weights
wot's yer's dont know is lighten 'nd glow
but well ye's will soons enuo

cleans yerself ye's did 'nd opened eyeslits
see'n lighten glows
a balancin act tween alls 'at exits
'nd no more ta stinken shite

for awhiles we s'pose no mores
no mores o' ta black 'n ta bood.
'n ta stink

lit'le doves dreamin
arcos irised risen
yer opened souls magic'd
by Goddess Sophia
dreamin o' ta first time


Burnie said...

I've been quiet and thinkin but I never forget the niceness of all of you. My only excuse is the absence of muse and desire to silence a rage.
I'm comin through fine and dumber than thought I am present and accounted for, I salute my fellow human beings

Pontiface the fool.

nina said...

Hi Burnie, I see your time elsewhere exponentially multiplied your talents.

Burnie said...

Thank you Nina, things seem to be changing for me upwardly, and I just put on my copper bracelet, I had no idea the extent of madness.

Burnie said...

I rewrited it..cuz you looked at it..a fat one I smoked and thought it a joke while my ego should croak and let me in on the hoax.

Anonymous said...

living beams
in cosmic patterns
weaving light
rousing actions
living grace
like racing feathers
on lifting waves
a path to place
upon the road
raising truth
lighten load
with living flow
flow of one
the one in all
the living sum


Anonymous said...

good to see you about burnie..neil

nina said...

Bernie, you are one gifted guy. I hope everyone who sees your work appreciates it as much as I do. I see that ..neil.. does, speaking of gifted genius.


Burnie said...

with living flow
flow of one
the one in all
the living sum

Yea that's the thing thanks for the aint always easy but the ride is to you Neil

Nina, it means a lot to have affirmation even when the doer has no idea what is going on. I thank you.

This is all I have..I can no longer fight the madness but the only way I know that doesn't harm me.

It's fun to laugh so I do, and feel connected to all of you.