Fun The Fun Popo

A tear
rested alone sadly
On my cheek
I smiled
At the Sun

This Banana Republic for Gaian tragedy
where our hearts beat.
There are things of beauty
darkened now by parsimonious cretins
pushing shiny colors and cheapness
Did you see the sky last night
the borealis came all the way to Dallas
In the boardroom they were going 24/7 insanity, didn't see it
never see it. A gift given rave review
said the wind to the tree who replied
You know
Despair, cuts deep
they like us that way, well done
it's easy to go dark
it sickens and wounds you
rages at what the fuck
and for whom.
Masochistic nirvana, I have arrived
I took some mushrooms as I trabajoed in the yard
shoving a red bucket around with my knees picking up pineal cones, laid down by rapture
The next day realness was a shocking see
We might  make what reality be
I am eating some flan would you like some madams, sir?
another kind of beauty, there are so many.
You out there, yea you! can you see me?
Then you must be awake..alright
millions of us, legions by legions
You painters singers dancers players
lost in thought and dreaming
maybe you could take my hand hook my mind
To the blind ones  fatuous..tits
thanks but no we won't obey
we have bitchen plans for the day

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nina said...

Shockingly beautiful.