(good for you)(good for me)=(good for all)(all art)(metaphysics)divided by(alchemy)+(entheogens)(ceremony)divided by(ritual)+(Gnosis)=infinity enclosed in 360 degrees of's called life infinite up and infinite down.


freeacre said...

Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful,

evat said...

the first one beautifull colours......

nina said...

Bernie, you've really got the touch.

Burnie said...

Thank you. I read all the blogs I am connected with and don't know what to do to fight the madness and insanity. It effects me deeply, and the only thing that makes sense is to do the opposite as much as I am able. Your comments are very much appreciated. In this world art is monetized and cheapened, marginalized when it should be the dessert taken after a fine meal and celebration of life immersed in ritual,wisdom, stories, and song. Our lives would be richer and more authentic. So I guess we keep beating the drums in the hope that we are joined at the party by more souls awakening from their dream, and join us in our dream in living color.
Merry Christmas with those you love.

su said...

the sepia creation at the bottom pulled me in to such an extent that i found myself lying down in its folds and ledges.
wishing you peace.
wishing you humour.
wishing you well.

Anonymous said...

climbing up
moving through
travel inner
on wing tip flew
round and round
every way
inner light
weaves and plays
ever loving
always will
vibrations heal
connecting essence
of all around
rising life
eternal sound..


Anonymous said...

for you burnie,I am sorry it wasnt 2 weeks ago,hope you had a good christmas and stuff,new year coming,new adventures....neil

neil said...

how you doing burnie......neil

Burnie said...

Sorry to be so inattentive. A lot is going on in my life. I am doing fine Neil and all. My Christmas was the best. I spent it with my daughters and family.
I always like your poetry. I am looking for the eternal sound, I think, whenever I play guitar. I have recorded certain frequencies with a sound generator but have not gotten past that yet. It is interesting that just as there is sacred geometry there is also sacred sound geometry. If I was a genius, which I am not ha ha, I would put it all together. I have this sense of all things interweaving as a piece from the biological, humans, animals, plants, insects to the periodic table, to the galaxy, the stars, the universe. It is all intelligent and working in concert. I struggle with these words because I cannot seem to find the right way of expressing what it is I feel. My core and yours are all interwoven to the farthest reaches of the mystery. I want it to be magical and the grotesqueness of some of its parts is still a part of the whole. I have a hard time reconciling that, so I focus whatever I have on the magic and try to accept what I don't like as just being there. The higher self is the goal I strive for, mostly laying at its feet. There are a lot of I's in this writing but the I's are all of you also. It amazes me that people even look here. All is beauty, all is magnificent, all will be peace because we desire it so. Our struggles to reconcile what we see speaks to our universal humanity faults and all. I salute you my fellow comrades on the journey...grin..

Burnie said...

This may seem odd but here goes: I finally, at this late stage in my life, gotten the sense of the curve of Earth by observing Orion like our ancestors did. This is also hard to put in words. Over a period of nights I have been staring at Orion and watching it move across the sphere of our earth informing me of just how we are spinning and the direction we are heading in. Probably a big duh moment for some of you but it was a big deal to me. This sense is awe inspiring, an example of the magic of creation bestowed upon me.
Take care

chickory said...

the first time i found saturn with my telescope i was alone in my field - my home is somewhat remote. when i found it, i gasped, as if it were the first time i realized it was real. it was very heavy in the sky and i had a weird sense of dread and exhilaration. my place in the universe shifted forever. something about this post reminded me of that feeling.

Burnie said...

Chickory that is a very interesting comment. I don't know exactly how to put it in words but I have been watching the sky a lot lately and Have been watching Orion in particular. I see it somewhat early after dark in the east and then later after it has moved above me. What happened was an inner feeling of the curvature of the sphere I am standing on, the curve of space, and the direction in which we are heading. This was not an intellectual observation but a visceral one and added a new dimension to my place in the universe that was very awe inspiring and my words are not doing it justice. Thank you for your words they echo mine.

As an aside do you know that sometime in the last few years a gamma ray burst or magnetron hit our solar system so hard it rang for five or six months?

What is interesting is it was in the key of F#. I believe the Chinese would tune their flutes to that key. They would send out emissaries to find the finest wood for their flutes so all was in harmony as that was of utmost importance. More info:

Sorry Chickory maybe too much info..ha.