Alliteration, and Antipodes of Art and Assholes

I am here still said the moon to the man
a mysterious plan
is afoot
so please take a look
I changed shape and shook
...the water you see
all around you
it is ever so good
to have in the hood
a round boat that floats
to my demise in the sun

Killers bind our ears
And take away our sight
if you think their thoughts
you would be bought
.................and slain
eschew their way
It leads to hell
the one you see on earth
the place you dwell
fuck them one
soul takers all
and welcome to
The ball

In disdain                                           
one abstains
in giving countenance
to the beasts of the world
their cycle is done
You can tell by the din
and the binding of the words
the message is sheer
soft, diaphanous
we will have our life in the Sun.
evil can mount the scales                                                                                       
in weight of lead                                                   
only to stand so much
the spring is broken
under substance so dense
rejected like shot from a gun

as everything is one
joined in balance
harmonized by light.

you sleep safe little children
the bright lance protects you
for now and evermore.

We are all going to die anyway
what's the fucking point
Pass the joint.


neil said...

lifting up vibration
a wander through the deep
reaching through the allways
freedom in release
wild as chasing river
charge across the sky
shaking equilibrium
consciously inside
revitalising living
drawn upon the reach
beam into the evers
stirring inner peace


Burnie said...

Amen to that poem Neil. That's the ticket. In the thicket of dark purpose. Kind of puts a light out there/in here.

Much went on for you to be in this place of peace, you dwell in.

Thank You

neil said...

amen to your poem aswell burnie..
the same goes for you...
,all I know is turmoil hurts and peace feels nice,so I aim for peace and wherever that takes me

anyway burnie,this little blog here is full of vibrancy,good atmosphere..

peace and respects......