Window Pane

More coming...cascades
Said the Marquis De Sade
Dali sallied
In empty desert skies
and melted tocks
I was in the pawnshop
Givin' up the axe
A man walked by in iridescent slacks and
What would you do
I grabbed my axe and sidled by the man with the slacks. He said cool man I know a place where they rock the human race. I looked at his face, saw who it was. I knew his name the only one, John Coltrane looking through the window pane. Music, color, sound, sweet as honey.... Amped,  electric. The flash of all that made the walls breathe crackling air.

The wallwasthefloorwastheceilingwasthewall, it dawned that finding the bathroom was going to be an insurmountable difficulty. An epic adventure on feet that were gigantic translucent monsters in deep disguise.

Joanie came by to see if I needed more, said she was going to the store. Yea right, like they have this shit at wal mart heh heh, she was fucking with me. I humored her, that's what you do with a ten foot Amazonian as drawn by what's his face, and how the hell did I know maybe they did have some at wal mart.

Me and Trane had a gig along with Monk and Charles. All that while trying to figure what I was, came to me blinding fast, all I saw I was, all we am I am.  Fine infinite journey this is.

I finally made it to the bathroom by following the sound of a recently flushed fish who had passed in the night after life long and bright. I didn't figure on the reverse to my forward being another unfathomable mystery. Lost in the loo, a helpless case. I held a funeral for the belatedly bright flushed fish.

Joanie appeared like magic, towering, a smile on her lips she extended her hand. Rescued again from the jaws of my monstrously large ugly green feet which had transmogrified into roach killing Cuban heels. We were going dancing at Marika's rico y suave. Me, on guitar, and the rest of the guys set it up and turned it loose. Danced til dawn, the rise of the wolfbane filling  the window pane, laughing I closed my eyes....................not the last these words that bore filling up my noggin more.


penelope47 said...

you do have way with words- very nice- psychadelic cool jazz...

Burnie said...

Thanks P. I appreciate it. Thing was rolling around in my head. Glad you guys are OK. Had fun yesterday at Lee's.

Anonymous said...

rainbow medicine
colorful streaks
mountain river
stirring peace
climbing sky
hum the earth
reach of honor
nature work
brush of flowers
rush of sun
touching hearts
lifting one
union reaching
gliding swift
unifying life
natures gift


Burnie said...

Hum the earth..I think that is what you do neil. Spreading light where you walk.