Cloud Moon

The Dragon danced as it
Entwined the moon.

I am approaching from the south


su said...

ah as a worshiper of dragons - this one is magnificent. expecially in the lunar presence.

would have like to meet you on the road at that moment in time.

Burnie said...

You will see it first. I look at the moon and Orion every night I can see them. This place is amazing if you choose to see huh Su. I am either in front of you or behind you and the road goes up and those who see are walking it. I used to think I beleieved this stuff and talked about it. But now I know it deep inside and I am a lightweight, so I can only imagine that it has to get better. The beasts have sold out for half a loaf not to mention dessert. We must not let them win and have dominion over us.

Burnie said...

I listened to an interview with a guy named Charlie Veitch of what he calls the love police. He was talking about the only option being love and compassion. He went on to say that sometimes he feels like loading a gun and mowing down the monsters but went on to talk about compassion and love as I said above. That made what he had to say all the more real. We all feel these things but they really do twist me, and are the very things I an trying to change in me. I write it out sometimes. I fall down a lot into the pits with the beasts. I just don't stay there as long as I used to..there is another way and you don't have to pretend to be all that which is not something I would consider in the first place, You and I are no saints but what the hell who is asking us to be. I am a little freaked today so I write more words like they are a magic spell I can cast and make everyone better....woot.