Insignificant We Persist Undefeated

It is the dwelling in negativity that destroys.
There are others much more perceptive than I that explicate the situation with great eloquence. My time is occupied by many things and I think it better if I just do what comes to me and post it. This is a dance. The monsters are the monsters, I see them, I know what they do. What more do I need to know about them, said without arrogance but knowledge of power taken by anger.. My contempt is in working order but it's not the ruler of my heart. Intent is magical, not in a magical thinking sort of way but true magic. On this we act and succeed even in failure..


su said...

ah this experiencing is exactly the same. you just say it better. stay aware and detached and use intent.

spot on brother. spot on.

Burnie said...

I had an insight, and it seems to be true, my experience tells me that. As I write this I am experiencing the pain my children are having. It seems that both picked today to have traumatic experiences. One just had surgery for appendicitis and she will be fine. My other daughter has just had her heart broken. I can do nothing and it hurts. All one can do is walk the path and accept what you can't change and change the things you can..Bastard serenity prayer one I use a lot. This only strengthens my determination to walk this road. Sorry for being sad today. You must suffer these things as well being a mom. My kids are adults and I still watch over them always will, Thanks for coming here I appreciate it always.

Burnie said...

Fell down today, feel hypocritical but I get back up