Declaration of War

To Those Who Stand However Afraid But Stand Nonetheless, That Is True Courage.
My days on this planet are numbered and few
And I won't take a bullet
For the likes of you
The war that I fight
with all of my might
Is for the brave who speak
For the strong who stand
For those I'll gladly
Lend a hand
Where ever you are
Who ever you are
My brother
My sister
I'll  take the blow
And fall
But rise  again

Follow no man
They lie with vengeance 
The beauty of our earth
Is who we defend
The flight of a bird
The trail of a deer
The smell of gardenias

Black hearts pay it no mind
They shit in the nest
No thought
Without a care
Beauty murdered
Poisons our minds
'til we go quite mad
With that left behind

At the sight of such transgress
Never be silent
Nor acquiesce
Put bullet to brain
Splinter my legs
My spirit not beg
At mercy declined
And you lose
The Yin for the Yang


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