I'm Guru Turu TunotSomuch*

Grasshoppers listen up, junior grade in training guru's should be looked upon with a smile. They are enthusiastic and caring they just can't land there flying carpets yet. Ah

Heyoka h/t Dublin Mick


Native American Lakota Honoring Song

War, the battle for lightness of being is a purpose, and since I read Red Elk-Thanks Mick, and know who I am, that equates to peace, the price is dear, the first war is with ourselves. Forget about the second for it is outside of us, the first is all there is. We are free, can you dig it, humanity, we are free.

*Disclaimer-My wisdom such as it is could fit on the business end of a pin

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Anonymous said...

That cd is the black lodge singers I have it. That is one you don't want to turn up too loud in the publix parking lot if you don't want some strange stares!