More Bad Poetry

Rubber bands and duck tape
Are all I need
To hold
My life
It worked on my Harley
It worked on my chevy chort bed
Maybe some bailing wire would be nice where steel is needed
For my body falls apart sometimes in various parts strung across the floor
Nails would work, screws too but that would hurt and I don't like pain
It rains now, three days and all the wire is rusting
I'll fall apart again if it doesn't stop
But not to worry there is another bail, another roll another band
In this universe

1 comment:

su said...

don't get that there is a personal soul to re-incarnate - and yet a very strong 'memory' i hold is of being a good time girl in the wild west.

this song and clipping evoked some pretty strong bodily reactions embracing both contraction and release.

where there were wagons and large movement it seemed awful. but where there was a cowboy , free on the range - carrying nothing but what he could ride fast with.
i kind of long for that ......